What Are Inbouwspots?

There are countless ways to light a home. As interior decorating continues in the direction of more efficient and energy saving materials, it was only a matter of time before led spots became a thing. So, what are inbouw spots and how can you effectively use them light your home? Let’s take a moment to answer these questions and more.

What Are Inbouwspots?

Inbouwspots LED is lights that are recessed into the ceiling.  Unlike traditional lights that either hang down or are a part of a lamp, the inbouw spots are built into the ceiling themselves.  Beyond this simple design difference, there is little that separates LED inbouwspots from more traditional lighting.  At the same time, there are major differences in regards to how inbouw spots provide better functionality within the space.  We get into this below.

Why Should I use Inbouwspots LED?

Aesthetics is one reason why people prefer led spots.  They are flush with the ceiling, providing a smooth visual plain that looks great.  It is neat, fantastic for minimalist decoration styles, and great for when you need light but would rather bring the eye somewhere else in the room.  Inbouw spots are great with raised ceilings where the height is not obstructed or diminished by hanging lights.  In addition, LED spots are a great for cramped spaced where you have unused celling space and all other space is at a premium.

Functionally, LED inbouwspots are easy to clean.  Simply remove the covering and you can access the bulb and siding.  The only challenge with ibouwspots LED is accessing the light itself, which may require a ladder or step stool.  While installation may be a little challenging as well, you will not have to do as much cleaning as you would with more traditional lights.

Are Inbouw Spots Right For Me?

All of this depends on your intended use and desired aesthetic for a space.  While not entirely uncommon in places like a living or dining room, they most often find use in places like kitchens and bathrooms.  In addition, they can be a great source of light for closets.  The top-down shine of the inbouwspots help to create a more natural distribution of light that feels warmer and more inviting than other types of light bulbs and setups out there.  Do yourself a favor a try out LED inbouwspots in one room of your house.  If you like how it looks, then consider replicating the look.


Author: jamesmacy22866

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